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I updated the New User Approve plugin 3 weeks ago so I thought I should announce what that means.

  • The plugin has been tested with WordPress 4.1.
  • A bug with the German translation has been fixed.
  • A bubble is now shown for number of users pending. This fix is courtesy of Howdy McGee.

Not a lot but there is a nice little feature update courtesy of a user. I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions on how to make this a better plugin.

7 Responses to “Version 1.7.2”

  1. Brent

    Hey Josh, great plugin! we are using on our site and have purchased the addon as well. One thing that would make this plugin even better is a way to send an admin notification when a user is approved or denied.

    We have a handful of people responsible for approving users and we need a way once an approval request comes in to see if it has been handled or not.

    Currently we all get the request but if there was an email following up on whether the user was approved or denied, we would know it is taken care of.

    I appreciate your consideration!

  2. John

    Josh, great work on the plugin. I was wondering if there is a way to get it to work with profile builder? I love the custom fields in profile builder and that it lets the user choose their own password but then new user approve resets their password. Can there be an option to use stored password and just approve the user? Thanks!!!

  3. Ben Cahan

    Josh, the plugin doesn’t really seem to work all that well with BuddyPress sites, both in terms of users getting activation emails as well as with the fact that B uddypress also has a “Manage Users” tab within the Users Admin section, which is still needed after a user is approved before they show up in the official user list. Do you plan to integrate effectively with Buddypress or do you know of another approval plugin that works seamlessly with Buddypress?


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