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Most Powerful User Registration Plugin for WordPress.

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Take Complete Control Over Your WordPress Website’s User Registration & Management System

Automate your WordPress website’s user registration process using New User Approve. Receive user registration requests and send approval or rejection emails with customized messages.

Welcome New Users

Welcome new users onboard using an effortless and automated registration process.

Message For Approval

When a user sends a request to register on a WordPress site, the ‘New User Approval’ plugin shows a message to wait for the approval.

Approval Notification

New User Approval plugin notifies the website admin of a new user sign up via email.

Admin Decision

The New User Approval plugin gives the admin a choice to either approve or deny the registration request.

User Status Email

New User Approval plugin sends an email to the user indicating whether they were approved or denied.

User Credentials

If the user is approved, an email will be sent to them that includes their login credentials.


See some of the features below and learn why businesses trust New User Approve.

Welcome Message Customization

Customize your ‘welcome message’ and display it above your site’s registration form.

Customize Pending Error Message

Display a customized ‘registration pending’ message to the user.

Updated User Status

New User Approve plugin sends a notification email to admins when a user’s status is updated.

Customize Registration Complete Message

Customize the ‘registration complete’ message displayed after the user submits their form.

Customize Denied Error Message

Customize your ‘welcome message’ and display it above your site’s registration form.

Admin Email Customization

Customize emails sent to admin when a user registers for the site.

Approved Status Email

Customize emails sent to the user when their registration is approved by the site admin.

Denied Status Email

Customize emails sent to users when their registration is denied by the site admin.

Template Tags

Choose from different template tags for notification and other emails on the site.

Remove Admin Panel

Remove the admin panel specifically added to update the user’s status from the site.

Enable Invitation Code

Auto-generate invitation codes for other users. Users with invitation code will be auto-approved.

Enable Auto-Approve

Auto-approve white-listed users while auto-rejecting blacklisted users.

Pricing Plan

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Yes, The Option To Customize The Emails And Error Messages Is Available In The Premium Version.

In The Free-To-Use Version, You Can Use The Plugin Hooks To Customize The Emails And Error Messages.
Yes, The New User Approve Plugin Works Perfectly With The Default WooCommerce Registration Form. For More Information, Please Read Our Technical Documentation Guide.
Yes, There Is An Option To Send Notification Emails To Multiple People Simultaneously. They Can Be Sent To People Other Than The Admin Or Even More Than One Admin.
Yes. You Can View Or Hide Stats For Approved, Denied, And Pending Users On The Admin Dashboard.
Yes, The Emails Are HTML Supported. You Can View And Edit HTML For Any Email You Prefer.
No. Unfortunately, The Plugin Does Not Support The Social Login Option.
Yes, New User Approve Supports The Google ReCaptcha Option.
There Is A Function That Specifically Sends The Email To The Denied User. Adding This Code To Your Site Will Cause An Email To Not Be Sent To Any Denied Users. Read More.
Currently The Only Way The Content Of The Emails Can Be Modified Is By Using Filters. Read More.
Suppose You Approve A User And Want To Attach A Document To The Email. This Is Easy To Do Just By Adding A Filter To Core Wp_mail Function. Read More.