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New User Approve Version 1.7.1

Version 1.7.1


About a month ago, I sent out an update to the New User Approve plugin. It is a minor release so no major features have been added. This release just covers some issues.

  • Fix some code that was causing PHP notices.
  • No admin notice will appear asking you to update the registration setting if the S2 Member plugin is active. There were a good number of you that complained of this so I thought it made sense to change.
  • There was an issue causing an empty password in the approval email. In any case, a user that has signed in will not have their password reset unless they request it.
  • Updated translations. All of the translations have been updated to be show correctly if a translation exists.

Please let me know if there are any issues. You guys have been great about posting in the support forums. I am in the process of getting updates to everyone.

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