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Customer Awareness Blogpost

Before combining the “New User Approve” and “Options” addons, these two were separated addons, and their support had been provided individually to the customer. But, right after making the duo of these two addons, their support system united.

To improve the structure of these addons, we have decided to combine these two to make a perfect platform for our customers that bridges the gap. That said, our customers are still approaching our old “New User Approve Options” addon for seeking support.

It is to inform all of our previous, current, and upcoming customers that we are no longer providing support for our old “New User Approve Options Addon.”

In such a case, if the returning customers come to this plugin seeking support, we offer them a 50% discount and request them to purchase our current “New User Approve” premium plugin and unlock all the features we are offering in which support is included.

We have eliminated and replaced the old premium plugin with our new plugin with all the features and functionalities. We would request you to visit our current “New User Approve” plugin for WordPress websites and get everything you need with expert support. For further information, you can contact us at:

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