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All Codes

  • Navigate to Admin Dashboard → Approve New Users → Invitation Code.
  • You’re on the Invitation Code page.
  • All the codes are present in this section.
  • Invitation Code can be edited by clicking the Edit option in the Action column of each respective invitation code.
    • Once done, you can see all the fields of that specific invitation code.
    • The Prefix and Suffix of the code can be edited.
    • Uses left for the invitation code can also be seen and edited from the respective field.
    • The Usage limit of the activation code highlights the number of times the activation code be used. It can be edited as well.
    • The Date field represents the Expiry date. It can be edited to change the expiry date of the activation code.
    • The Status of the invitation code can be changed from the drop-down menu beside the Status field. There are three statuses of each code.
      • Active – It will enable the activation code to be used.
      • InActive – It will disable the activation code temporarily.
      • Expire – It will immediately expire the code, and it cannot be used further.
  • Details like User-IDUser-Email, and User-Link of the users who registered using that particular invitation code will be displayed.
  • Click on the Update button to apply the changes.


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